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If you have the Internet is not very fast, the files can be downloaded for a long time. Be patient, it's the whole book! Sometimes voluminous, sometimes with color illustrations.
Dmitry Popozoglo - "Natashka-bride"
The only published children's book author of the site
M.V. Marunevich - "The history of the Gagauz people"
Olga Nedelcheva-Vodinchar, Jerzy Hatlas - "Old and new Orthodox churches in the areas where the Gagauz south of Moldova and the Odessa region of Ukraine"
With illustrations, Russian, 2010
Monograph with. Vulcanesti
Historical publication of the journal "Shkoala Basarabiei", May 1920.
Given in Russian and in newspapers "Вести Гагаузии" on September 23, 2005.

Jerzy Hatlas - Main periods of Christianity in the Gagauz Budjak
Scientific publication in the journal "Tiragetia" Polish researcher Gagauz. Article language - Russian.
Fedor Angeli - "Gagauz autonomy. People and facts. 1989-2005 years."
The book is the former Ambassador of Moldova to Turkey
Jerzy Hatlas - Gagauzia and Gagauz
Book in Polish
Dmitry Uzun - Gagauz. Road map
The first output of books in the public discussion - until the publication on paper
George Yalanzhi - To life
Collection of poems, a young poet from the village of Kopchak (Gagauz language)
Todur Zanet - Anthill
Children's picture book of poetry and schitalok in Gagauz on Cyrillic
Dmitry Karachoban - Prose
Selected Prose Gagauz classics, selected by him during his life, as the most successful
Todurov Zaneta - Drama
Copyright by his play and translations. Posted to help students who are learning these works and, unfortunately, do not have them on hand ...
Jerzy Hatlas - Transdanubia settlers in southern Bessarabia
Article in Polish papers
The course develops Moldova, Volume 9
Joint publication of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Institute of Cultural Heritage at the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and Comrat State University.
The output of the next volume is devoted to the 70th anniversary of Stepan Kuroglo

Valery Kirioglo - Painted time
Children's picture book in Gagauz (translated Keksal IV), published in Turkey for Gagauzia in 2012

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